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Success stories of projects that utilized FlashDevelop in their pipeline:

Project Author(s) Platform Description
"Burn The Rope" Kian Bashiri Web Browser One of the top indie games of 2008 by Gamasutra and nominated for 2009 IGF's innovation award.
"CivWorld" Firaxis Facebook FD3, FD4, and Flash CS5 were used together to create Civilization on Facebook.
"CnC3:Kanes Wrath" EA & Breakaway PC, 360 "Command and Conquer 3:Kanes Wrath" UI development for PC and 360 was done in Flash and FlashDevelop 3 RC7
"Pixel Zen" BJ Kulp Web Browser Zen like art piece that utilizes mouse, keyboard, and a colorful particle system.
"XCOM Enemy Unknown" Firaxis PC, 360, PS3 FD3, FD4, Flash CS4, and Flash CS5 were used with Autodesk Scaleform (formally Scaleform GFx) in creating parts of the UI.
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