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Productivity shortcuts

Take the time to explore FlashDevelop's main menu to know more about the application features. There are some (sometimes) hidden gems:

Learn more about contextual code generation: see the Features tour!

Application shortcuts

Most shortcuts can be modified from FlashDevelop main menu: Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts...

Code editor shortcuts

The editor component that we use has its own set of builtin shortcuts, see here:

Plugins shortcuts

Some plugins may define shortcuts directly as part of their settings: Tools > Program Settings

Non-configurable shortcuts

Some shortcuts (like Ctrl+Space) can not be configured, but you can still create additional shortcuts to these features.

Locate MainMenu.xml in your user FD files (or copy it there) and add the following lines (customize the shortcuts as you want):

<button label="Control Space" click="PluginCommand" tag="ASCompletion.CtrlSpace" shortcut="Alt|C" flags="Enable:IsEditable" />
<button label="Control Shift Space" click="PluginCommand" tag="ASCompletion.CtrlShiftSpace" shortcut="Alt|Shift|C" flags="Enable:IsEditable" />
<button label="Control Alt Space" click="PluginCommand" tag="ASCompletion.CtrlAltSpace" shortcut="Control|Alt|C" flags="Enable:IsEditable" />
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