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FlashDevelop is a great Haxe code editor, and can be used to build websites and applications for desktop and mobile, using the multi-purpose Haxe language.

When using Haxe, you write in one language, and compile into any supported target. You can use general purpose (Std library) classes or per-platform classes (for Flash, PHP, Neko, OpenFL, etc).

The Haxe language syntax is similar to AS3, but with more features such as generic types, type inference, enums, typedefs, function-types, extension methods and more.

Some notable Haxe targets include:

Project Features

FlashDevelop tightly integrates with the Haxe compiler and debugger:

Supported compilers

Project templates for Haxe

Compiling via Haxe SDK

Debugging via Haxe SDK

SDK Management

Profiling Haxe Apps

Editing Features

FlashDevelop helps you work with your AS3 projects:

Code refactoring

Code completion, or "IntelliSense"

Code information tooltips

Code folding

Code navigation

Code snippets

Syntax coloring

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