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FlashDevelop plugins from community users

This page contains plugins from users of the community. They come with no warranty or guarantee.

Some of the plugins are very useful and add a lot to the functionality and productivity of the main program.

How to install?

The individual plugins can be packaged by their authors in two ways: a .ZIP file containing the DLL, or a FDZ file containing installation for FlashDevelop itself. To instal the ZIP, do the following: Locate the plugins folder by selection in the program the menu "Tools" -> "User Config Files", then extract the zip file into the "plugins" folder. For FDZ it is much simpler, just drag the file to the FlashDevelop window, and it will do the rest.

Then you may need to close and relaunch the program.

Plugins list

FlashDevelop 4

Name Author(s) Discussion Purpose
Advanced Find And Replace IAP forum thread A panel with all the Find / Replace and FindInFiles functionality integrated.
Advanced Telemetry rapit forum thread Allows enable advanced telemetry (inject AT tag tagID #93 into swf file).
ANT Panel Canab forum thread A Gui panel that can adds and show build files to be executed with ant (witch needs to be installed
Auto Hide Menus garkin forum thread Hides menu permanently, and shows it on Alt tap.
AsDoc Helper m0rkeulv forum thread Adds shortcuts and completion for faster documentation writing
Auto Version Neverbirth forum thread Project versioning based on Build Version Increment Add-In Visual Studio.
ColorBox Griz forum thread Allows display of color-values in a tooltip and editing the value in a wizard dialog.
Compact Max garkin forum thread Save screen space by eliminating the title bar
Config Toggle Koshmaar forum thread Quickly change compile-time Config:: values
Create Gist JoeyRobichaud forum thread Context menu option to create a GitHub gist from an open file or selection.
Customize ToolBar JoeyRobichaud forum thread Adds the functionality to edit the toolbar buttons
Duplicate Jerome forum thread Allow to duplicate selection with special operation.
Editor Mini Map JoeyRobichaud forum thread Renders a miniature version of entire open file next to scroll bar.
Export SWC Dragonworx forum thread Exports the project to a SWC with library assets
FindFiles CrazySam forum thread Search for files in a specified directory (as well as Project if desired).

Exclude one or more directories from the search. Filter search results by file extension.

Highlight Selection cannyshammy forum thread Highlight the occurrences of currently selected word in the entire file.

Download FD4 compatible here: http://depositfiles.com/files/zdfbkuslk

Interface Suggest m0rkeulv forum thread Auto completion of functions written in an interface, but not implemented yet
Interfaciator (Extract interface) Griz forum thread An easy way to create an interface from an existing class
Library Depot lamenace forum thread Help you copy libraries into the project.
Line Counter Finglor forum thread Computes line count statistics for a project.
MSVS Style comments garkin forum thread Add shortcuts to handle MSVS style for comments.
Navigation Bar JoeyRobichaud forum thread Adds a bar that provides dropdowns for classes, members, and optionally imports.
Num To Color wanghehacker forum thread A plugin to show the color of a written hex number
NME Target (FD < 4.0.4) xMCNUGGETx forum thread Adds a dropdown to the project window or main toolbar to allow switching NME Targets
Open The Doc & Toc Gen ordinaryj forum thread Show a documentation panel in FlashDevelop. Also support context help and custom docs.
Perforce CrazySam forum thread Adds menu items to the project panel to use the Perforce Client
Previous Edit wanghehacker forum thread Jump to the previous edit location
QuickNavigate Canab forum thread Fast navigating of code and opening resources
Quick Launch JoeyRobichaud forum thread Shows a text box in the corner of the application to open resources or menu items or everything very fast.
Quick Generator Alan forum thread A plugin to automate many tasks in FlashDevelop editing.
Team Foundation Server cfi forum thread Integrates with Microsoft's TFS version control.
TheMiner (profilers) jpauclair forum thread The Miner let you dig deep into your application performances issues.
Trace (DQ) Jerome forum thread More easily create trace statements for variables, or objects.
Trace Util lamenace forum thread Helps comment/uncomment/clear trace/debug code from your files.
Track Open File JoeyRobichaud forum thread Keeps the Project Manager tree synced with the selected open file.
Version Number lamenace forum thread Plugin to keep tack of project version, Major, minor and build.
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