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This page is for plug-ins that work with the prior version: FlashDevelop 3.
Click here for FlashDevelop 4 plug-ins

Below are plug-ins that have been created by the Flash Develop community. They come with no warranty or guarantee. Use at your own risk.

These plugins adds functionality and enhancements to FlashDevelop program, some of them can be very useful. These plugins are not supported by the main program authors, but you can contact each plugin author in it's respective thread or send him a PM. Some of the download links may be outdated, you can find the latest download link at the forum thread associated with the plugin.

The download links may be outdated, it is recommended to browse the forum thread of your desired plugin

FlashDevelop 3

Name Author(s) Download Discussion Purpose
Abstract implement(TheImplementor) Recoman http://oege.ie.hva.nl/ forum thread Implements abstract methods in actionscript.
Advanced Find And Replace IAP googlecode.com Forum thread Find And Replace panel with real time options and selective replace.
AIR Application Properties Sam.A code.googlecode.com Forum thread Form-based means of editing the application descriptor file for AIR projects
Ant Panel Integration Canab http://googlecode.com/ forum thread Adds a panel to integrate ANT commands for files and build order
Apache Ant st0nerhat www.filamentgames.com forum thread Integrates Apache ant commands with FlashDevelop
Asproject 2 docproject zuhtu flasherdn.googlepages.com forum thread Makes complete documentation from javadocs in ASproject
AutoBuildPlugin and PanelFlashViewer Canab AutoBuild


forum thread Automatically build and display the flash in each save.
AutoFormat jjeziorski filefactory.com forum thread Automatically indents a class.
Auto Version Neverbirth code.google.com forum thread Keep track of your product version and build in a different way then version
Azoth Extension Mika FlashDevelop forum thread Fast memory access by integrating Azoth tool with FD3 adding a project template and post build command. See Azoth for more information.
Code Reformatter Alessandro code.google.com forum thread Reformats an ActionScript 2 class. Can be customized.
Color Highlighter gopig http://mm-v-mm.com/ forum thread Highlight all occurrences of the word under the cursor.
Duplicate Jerome FlashDevelop.org forum thread Allows you to make lists or switch between related keywords
Export Project elyon www.eclecticdesignstudio.com forum thread Create documentation, merge global classes, apply file filters, compress to an archive, and more.
Export SWC dragonworx sourceforge.net forum thread Allows a SWC to be exported from FlashDevelop.
Export UML Reistlein www.mediafire.com forum thread Creates a netBeans UML project.
FDjpPlugin marsumos flashdevelopjp.googlecode.com forum thread Little plugin from Japanese Users. Few additions to keyboard shortcuts.
FD Flex Formatter fmotagarcia kemelyon.com forum thread MXML and AS3 coder formatter; a port of "FlexFormatter", an Eclipse plugin by Ernest Pasour.
FlashdevelopPMD fmotagarcia www.kemelyon.com forum thread Integrates flexPMD into Flashdevelop 3
FlexDbg (Outdated) rnelson gforge.opensource-sw.net forum thread Debugger, forked from fdbplugin project. (Up to date version is in the SVN)
Flex Design View (Maybe outdated) maximus3D (Design View)

xMCNUGGETx (FD Wrapper)

xmcnuggetx.com forum thread Editor for mxml files in an integrated design view like Flex Builder
Flixel Template n/a github.com flixel forum Project template for using Flixel 2.5 with FD3
Getter & Setter (TheInterfacor) Recoman http://oege.ie.hva.nl/ forum thread Make Getters and Setters to several properties at a time
Help Panel (outdated) zeus www.zeuslabs.us forum thread Help panel and context help for flash. Considered Beta.
Highlight Selected cannyshammy gonegothic.com forum thread Highlight all occurrences matching the selected text in the document
Improved Quick Navigate CrazySam www.sambatista.com forum thread Improved version of QuickNav. Easily navigate in your code.
Insert File wvxvw googlepages.com forum thread Insert a file easily into a document.
Interfaciator Griz googlepages.com forum thread Extract methods from a class into an interface easily using a wizard.
MultiGenerator (of getter setter) Kulkoff googlecode.com forum thread Make Getters and Setters to several properties at a time
Open The Doc Panel and Help Content ordinaryj code.google.com forum thread Context help and documentation for Flash and Actionscript 2, 3.
Perforce (outdated) RoyK poisontaffy.com forum thread Provides basic interface with Perforce version control. Considered Alpha.
Quick Open File gopig http://mm-v-mm.com/ forum thread A quick way to open a file using ctrl-r
Quick Navigate Canab dl.dropbox.com forum thread Easily navigate in your code with this plugin (*integrated with FD*)
Quick Generator Canab www.mediafire.com forum thread Advanced generator and abbreviation and snippets plugin
Regular Expression Panel Alessandro Regular Expression Panel forum thread A panel to aid building complex regular expressions.
SamHaxe wvxvw code.google.com forum thread Manage assets to compile into a SWF using SamHaxe Open Source SWF constructor.
Selection Utils Kulkoff mentalfabrications.com (mirror) forum thread Allow moving and duplicating blocks of code
Simple Perforce CrazySam sambatista.com forum thread Adds right-click menu options to files which call the Perforce command line tool.
Slimtimer ricick lookmumimontheinternet.com forum thread Tracks hours worked on a project and submits them to slimtimer.com.
Source Code Statistics Georgem85 gameroad.com.ar forum thread Statistics about the currently open document and the accompanying project’s source code.
Trace (DQ) Jerome double-quotes.com forum thread More easily create trace statements for variables, or objects.
Trace Utils lamenace agenceinteractive.com forum thread Comment, uncomment and delete traces
Version lamenace agenceinteractive.com forum thread Keep track of your product version and build
Visual Flash Develop luiscubal luiscubal.googlepages.com forum thread Create a basic actionscript structure of a movieclip, with all rendering and events.
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