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Below is a collection of how-to's that utilize FlashDevelop in other system pipelines or augment the FlashDevelop pipeline itself to add new or modify existing features:

How-to connect Molehill (3D GPU accelerated Flash 11 beta) to FlashDevelop:
"Making mountains out of a Molehill: How-to" by VisualJazz

How-to draw a graphic with Molehill in FlashDevelop:
"Simple 2D Molehill Example" by Polygonal

How-to add offline documentation support with Doc? when hitting F1 in AS3 projects:
"FlashDevelop plugin" (bottom of page)

How-to add auto-optimizing post-processing via Apparant & Ant:
Ant, Apparat and FlashDevelop: a total beginner’s guide by Reallyfancy

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