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FlashDevelop 4.0.0 Beta released 
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:!: This is an old version of the program, please check the releases page for the latest version.

This release took little more than we expected and we needed to postpone few features but all the core changes
for the future are done so we are now able to continue the development nicely from here. As this is a beta release,
people that expect the most stable release should wait for the final release. Happy coding!

Note to customizers:

* FD4 is not compatible with FD3 plugins and requires a clean install when coming from FD3.

Note to plugin developers:

* The plugins now need to add a new IPlugin property Api to return 1 (for FD4.0) to be compatible with FD4.

New features:

* Android project template (no need for Android SDK!)
* New, greatly improved, AS3 debugger (supports AIR for Android & iOS)
* Rewritten project SDK, platform & output management
* "Clean Project" added to clear FCSH and delete output file for clean rebuild
* SWF/SWC exploration size report added
* Mercurial source control support added
* "Add source path" directly from Project tree
* Integrated FDFlexFormatter plugin as Refactor > Code Formatter
* AirProperties plugin by has now been integrated (GUI for AIR application.xml)
* Global shortcuts manager (Tools > Keyboard shortcuts)
* Selection highlighting added (Control+DoubleClick)
* New insert hash dialog (Insert > Hash...)
* BOM is now shown in status bar
* Move line up and down (Ctrl+Alt+arrows)
* UI tweaks and improvements
* Added UTF-7 support back
* Added Batch/INI & CSharp (for FD scripts) coloring

New generators/completion:

* Public callback (var onFoo:Function)
* Move (local var) declaration(s) on top (of function body)
* Automatic handler naming: addEventListener(<event>,<Ctrl+Shift+1> - change naming conventions in ASCompletion settings.
* Generate class field from function parameter
* Change function/constructor declaration
* "Typed callback" completion: ... f=5&t=8031

Bug fixes and improvements:

* Flash CS5.5 detection
* FP10.3 and 11 support
* Improved Flash CS JSFL scripting & error output capture
* AS3 compiler warnings don't stop compilation
* Improved Haxe support (completion, generators)
* Flash log viewer output rewritten
* "Always compile" is now called "Set Document class"
* New setting for specifying location of generated methods
* Improved snippets (for example $(Boundaries) allows to include whitespace)
* Localization improvements
* Project template improvements
* Find in files now ignores hidden dirs
* Installer now can download and install AIR SDK
* Project manager file templates can now have custom names
* AS3 recognized filetypes (*.as, *.mxml) can be modified (AS3Context settings)

For plugins developers:

* Global shortcuts manager
* New system events added & system improvements
* Per-project key/value storage for plugins
* InitScript feature added to MacroManager
* Added some new sci features (CopyWord,...)

+ Other bug fixes, small features and improvements

Contributor credits:

* ir73 & zobo: Constant work on the debugger and the code generation
* New project dialog images and other graphics help
* i.o: Completion list UI and functionality improvements
* Frederico Garcia: FDFlexFormatter plugin
* Editing features
* froggerjohn: Scintilla features
* Griz & matsumos: Localization
* Sam A: AirProperties plugin
* k24: Mercurial support

Mac/Linux virtualization:

* Native helper (Bridge): viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7621
* This is an ALPHA quality feature

Future plans:

* iOS template - here's a good tutorial & template in the meantime
* Good mobile projects integration
* Complete project solutions


* Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP1 runtime is really required, even if you already have .NET 4.0 installed,
* Get the ActiveX (for IE) Debug Flash Player. This is required by the browser control.
* Java 1.6+ 32bits is required for the Flex compiler for ActionScript 3 development.
* SourceControl plugin depends on TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGit.
* FlashDevelop setup will offer to automatically download Adobe Flex SDK which is required for ActionScript 3 development if you don't use Flash CS*.

:!: If you think the program is good, please donate some money for this project. :!:


Built from rev. 1978 - patch from rev. 1981
Download FlashDevelop 4.0.0 Beta
Download patch (unzip & overwrite DLLs in Program Files/FlashDevelop/Plugins)

Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:06 pm
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