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Choosing a compiler

To build ActionScript 3 projects in FlashDevelop, you must first make sure that you have a compiler. Currently, there are two ActionScript 3 compilers to choose from:

When you choose to use Adobe Flash IDE, FlashDevelop will request Flash to compile the currently open FLA.

Using the Flex SDK, FlashDevelop can compile both Flex MXML and "pure" ActionScript 3 (note: you can still use Adobe Flash to create graphics).

Tip - do not confuse:
  • the Flex compiler (it can compile "pure" ActionScript 3 or MXML files),
  • the Flex framework (think MXML),
  • the Flex SDK (includes the compiler and the framework code),
  • Adobe Flex Builder (the commercial Eclipse-based IDE).

Because both approaches have their advantages, most developers choose to alternate between them depending upon the project.

Installing Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is licensed software, so you may first need to purchase a copy through Adobe or a software reseller. There is also a trial version if you would like to try Flash for 30 days (which is recommended if you are discovering Flash).

Adobe Flash Professional is the preferred tool to create graphic elements for Flash projects, even if you compile with the Flex SDK!

Installing the Flex SDK

Before installing the Flex SDK, make sure that you have version 1.6 or greater of the Java runtime installed. The Adobe Flex SDK is free and open-source, so there are no costs involved with using this method. We recommend that you download the latest milestone release, then extract it to a folder location you can remember.

Configuring FlashDevelop to use the Flex SDK

Troubleshooting problems using the Flex SDK

If you see the term "INITIALIZING ?" when you try to compile a project, you have a configuration problem.


How to configure & troubleshoot tracing/debugging:


Compile using Flash

See: Flash workflow tutorial

Compile using the Flex SDK and create assets using Flash

See: Flex SDK and Flash workflow tutorial

Compile using the Flex SDK

See: Flex SDK workflow tutorial

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