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long lines cause visual overlapping 
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If a line is longer than 10,000 characters (10013 or so), the editor starts overlapping the rest of the characters all on the last line, creating a scribbled mess.

This shows up in a custom as3.xml if you try to list a bunch of secondary keywords on one line, as follows:

<keyword-class name="as3-secondary-keywords">
true false event result _p _r _s a abs accept accessibility Accessibility accessibilityProperties AccessibilityProperties AccImpl acos ACTIONSCRIPT ACTIONSCRIPT2 ACTIONSCRIPT3 actionScriptVersion ActionScriptVersion actionsList activate ACTIVATE activating active activeVideoPlayerIndex ACTIVITY ActivityEvent activityLevel add ADD addASCuePoint addCallback addChild addChildAt addColumn addColumnAt addDelayedInstance added ADDED ADDED_TO_STAGE addEventListener addFrameScript addHeader addItem addItemAt addItems addItemsAt addKeyframe addNamespace addPage addRadioButton addXMLPath adobe ADVANCED affectsTweenable album align ALL allowDomain allowInsecureDomain allowMultipleSelection alpha ALPHA alphaMultiplier ALPHANUMERIC_FULL ALPHANUMERIC_HALF alphaOffset alphas altKey ALWAYS alwaysShowSelection AMF0 AMF3 angle Animator antiAliasType AntiAliasType appendChild appendText applicationDomain ApplicationDomain apply applyFilter areInaccessibleObjectsUnderPoint areSoundsInaccessible ArgumentError arguments Array artist as ascent asin ASYNC_ERROR AsyncErrorEvent AT_TARGET atan atan2 attachAudio attachCamera attachNetStream attribute attributes AUTO AUTO_LAYOUT AUTO_REWOUND autoLayout AutoLayoutEvent autoLoad autoPlay autoRepeat autoReplace autoRewind autoSize available avHardwareDisable AVM1Movie b Back backButton background backgroundColor BACKSPACE bandwidth BaseButton BaseScrollPane begin beginBitmapFill beginFill beginGradientFill BEST BEVEL BevelFilter BezierEase BezierSegment bias BIG_ENDIAN BINARY Bitmap bitmapData BitmapData BitmapDataChannel BitmapFilter BitmapFilterQuality BitmapFilterType bitrate blank blendMode BlendMode Blinds blockIndent BLUE blueMultiplier blueOffset BlurFilter blurX blurY bold BOLD BOLD_ITALIC Boolean border borderColor bottom BOTTOM BOTTOM_LEFT BOTTOM_RIGHT bottomRight bottomScrollV Bounce brightness bringVideoPlayerToFront browse bubbles BUBBLING_PHASE buffering BUFFERING BUFFERING_STATE_ENTERED bufferingBar bufferingBarHidesAndDisablesOthers bufferLength bufferTime builtInItems bullet Button BUTTON_DOWN ButtonAccImpl buttonDown ButtonLabelPlacement buttonMode ByteArray bytes bytesAvailable bytesLoaded bytesTotal c cacheAsBitmap call callee callProperty Camera CAMERA cancel CANCEL cancelable CANCELLED Capabilities CAPS_LOCK capsLock CapsStyle caption CAPTION_CHANGE CAPTION_TARGET_CREATED captionButton CaptionChangeEvent captionCuePointObject captionTarget CaptionTargetEvent captionTargetName CAPTURING_PHASE caretIndex CASEINSENSITIVE CCW ceil cellRenderer CellRenderer CENTER CHANGE changeList changeType charAt charCode charCodeAt charCount CheckBox CheckBoxAccImpl checkPolicyFile checkXMLStatus child childAllowsParent childIndex childNodes children CHINESE CIRCLE Circular clamp CLAMP Class Classes clear clearComponentStyle clearInterval clearRendererStyle clearSelection clearStyle clearTimeout CLICK clickTarget client clone cloneNode close CLOSE closeVideoPlayer code color Color COLOR ColorMatrixFilter ColorPicker ColorPickerEvent colors colorTransform ColorTransform column COLUMN_STRETCH columnCount columnIndex columns columnWidth ComboBox ComboBoxAccImpl comment comments compare COMPLETE ComponentEvent componentX componentY compress computeSpectrum concat concatenatedColorTransform concatenatedMatrix condenseWhite connect CONNECT connectAgain connected connectedProxyType CONNECTION_ERROR connectToURL constructor containers contains containsPoint containsRect content contentAppearance contentLoaderInfo contentType contextMenu ContextMenu ContextMenuBuiltInItems ContextMenuEvent ContextMenuItem contextMenuOwner continueTo CONTROL controls conversionMode ConvolutionFilter copy copyChannel copyPixels core cos createBox createElement createGradientBox createItemEditor createTextNode creationDate creator CRT CSMSettings ctrlKey Cubic CUE_POINT cuePoints CuePointType currentCount currentDomain currentFPS currentFrame currentLabel currentLabels currentScene currentTarget curveTo CustomActions CustomEase customItems CW d DARK_COLOR DARKEN data DATA DATA_CHANGE DataChangeEvent DataChangeType DataEvent dataField dataFormat DataGrid DataGridAccImpl DataGridCellEditor dataGridClasses DataGridColumn DataGridEvent DataGridEventReason dataProvider DataProvider date Date dateUTC day dayUTC deactivate DEACTIVATE deblocking decode decodeURI decodeURIComponent DEFAULT DEFAULT_TIMEOUT defaultButton defaultButtonEnabled defaultObjectEncoding defaultSettings defaultTextFormat DefinitionError delay DELETE DELETE_DEFAULT_PLAYER deleteProperty delta deltaTransformPoint descendants DESCENDING descent describeType description destroyItemEditor DEVICE Dictionary DIFFERENCE dimensions direction DISCONNECTED dispatchEvent DisplacementMapFilter DisplacementMapFilterMode display displayAsPassword displayMode DisplayObject DisplayObjectContainer displayState dispose distance divisor doConversion docTypeDecl domain dotall DOUBLE_CLICK doubleClickEnabled DOWN download downState draw drawCircle drawEllipse drawFocus drawNow drawRect drawRoundRect dropdown dropdownWidth DropShadowFilter dropTarget duration DYNAMIC dynamicPropertyWriter e E ease easeIn easeInOut easeNone easeOut easeQuadPercent easing Easing easingFunction editable editedItemPosition editedItemRenderer editField editorDataField Elastic ELEMENT_NODE elements elementType EMBEDDED embedFonts emphasized enableAccessibility enabled encodeURI encodeURIComponent end END endFill endian Endian endIndex ENTER ENTER_FRAME enterFullScreenDisplayState enumerateFonts EOFError equals ERASE error Error ERROR ErrorEvent errorID errors escape ESCAPE escapeMultiByte EvalError Event EVENT EventDispatcher eventPhase EventPhase events every EXACT_FIT exactSettings exec exit exp Exponential extended extension external ExternalInterface f F1 F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Fade fallbackServerName FAST_FORWARD fforward FileFilter fileList FileReference FileReferenceList fillRect filter filters findCuePoint findFocusManagerComponent findNearestCuePoint findNextCuePointWithName findText finish firstChild firstFrame fl flash FLASH1 FLASH2 FLASH3 FLASH4 FLASH5 FLASH6 FLASH7 FLASH8 FLASH9 floodFill floor flush FLUSHED FLV flvPlayback FLVPlayback FLVPlaybackCaptioning flvPlaybackName Fly focus FOCUS_IN FOCUS_OUT focusEnabled FocusEvent focusManager FocusManager focusRect font Font fontName fontSize fontStyle FontStyle fontType FontType forceSimple forEach formatToString forwardAndBack forwardButton fps FPS frame FrameLabel frameRate framesLoaded fromCharCode fromXML fromXMLString fscommand FULL FULL_SCREEN fullScreen FULLSCREEN fullScreenBackgroundColor fullScreenButton FullScreenEvent fullScreenHeight fullScreenSkinDelay fullScreenSourceRect fullScreenTakeOver fullScreenWidth fullYear fullYearUTC func Function FunctionEase functionName g gain gc generateFilterRect genre geom GET getActions getBounds getCamera getCellRendererAt getCharBoundaries getCharIndexAtPoint getChildAt getChildByName getChildIndex getClassByAlias getColorBoundsRect getColorTransform getColumnAt getColumnCount getColumnIndex getComponentStyle getCubicCoefficients getCubicRoots getCurrentKeyframe getDate getDay getDefaultLang getDefinition getDefinitionByName getDescendants getFilters getFirstCharInParagraph getFocus getFullYear getGroup getHours getImageReference getItemAt getItemIndex getLineIndexAtPoint getLineIndexOfChar getLineLength getLineMetrics getLineOffset getLineText getLoaderInfoByDefinition getLocal getMicrophone getMilliseconds getMinutes getMonth getNamespaceForPrefix getNextFocusManagerComponent getNextIndexAtLetter getNextKeyframe getObjectsUnderPoint getParagraphLength getPixel getPixel32 getPixels getPrefixForNamespace getProperty getQuadraticRoots getQualifiedClassName getQualifiedSuperclassName getRadioButtonAt getRadioButtonIndex getRect getRemote getRendererStyle getRotation getRotationRadians getScaleX getScaleY getSeconds getSelected getSelectedText getSingleValue getSkewX getSkewXRadians getSkewY getSkewYRadians getStackTrace getStyle getStyleDefinition getText getTextFormat getTextRunInfo getTime getTimer getTimezoneOffset getTween getUTCDate getUTCDay getUTCFullYear getUTCHours getUTCMilliseconds getUTCMinutes getUTCMonth getUTCSeconds getValue getVideoPlayer getYForX global globalToLocal GlowFilter gotoAndPlay gotoAndStop GradientBevelFilter GradientGlowFilter GradientType graphics Graphics GREEN greenMultiplier greenOffset gridFitType GridFitType group groupName h HARDLIGHT hasAccessibility hasAudio hasAudioEncoder hasChildNodes hasComplexContent hasDefinition hasEmbeddedVideo hasEventListener hasGlyphs hasIME hasMP3 hasOwnProperty hasPrinting hasProperty hasScreenBroadcast hasScreenPlayback hasSimpleContent hasStreamingAudio hasStreamingVideo hasTLS hasVideoEncoder HEADER_RELEASE headerHeight headerRenderer HeaderRenderer headerText height helperDone hexValue hide HIDE hideBuiltInItems hideFocus hideObject HIGH highlightAlpha highlightColor hitArea hitTest hitTestObject hitTestPoint hitTestState hitTestTextNearPos HOME HORIZONTAL horizontalLineScrollSize horizontalPageScrollSize horizontalScrollBar horizontalScrollPolicy horizontalScrollPosition hours hoursUTC htmlText HTTP_STATUS HTTPStatusEvent i IBitmapDrawable ICellRenderer icon iconField iconFunction id3 ID3 ID3Info IDataInput IDataOutput identity idleTimeout idMap IDynamicPropertyOutput IDynamicPropertyWriter IEventDispatcher IExternalizable IFocusManager IFocusManagerComponent IFocusManagerGroup IGNORE ignoreCase ignoreComments ignoreProcessingInstructions ignoreWhite ignoreWhitespace ILLEGAL_CUE_POINT IllegalOperationError ImageCell ime IME IME_COMPOSITION IMEConversionMode IMEEvent imeMode IN INCManager INCMANAGER_CLASS_UNSET iNCManagerClass indent indeterminate IndeterminateBar index indexOf Infinity -Infinity inflate inflatePoint info INIT initialize inner INNER innerHeight innerWidth INPUT inScopeNamespaces INSERT insertBefore insertChildAfter insertChildBefore insideCutoff installActions instanceName instanceof int InteractionInputType InteractiveObject interpolate interpolateColor interpolateFilter interpolateFilters interpolateTransform InterpolationMethod intersection intersects INVALID_SEEK INVALID_SOURCE INVALID_XML invalidate INVALIDATE INVALIDATE_ALL invalidateItem invalidateItemAt invalidateList InvalidationType InvalidSWFError invert INVERT IO_ERROR IOError IOErrorEvent Iris is isAccessible isAttribute isBuffering isDebugger isDefaultPrevented isEmpty isFinite isFLVCuePointEnabled isFocusInaccessible isItemSelected isLive isNaN isPlaying isPrototypeOf isRTMP isXMLName italic ITALIC item ITEM_CLICK ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK ITEM_EDIT_BEGIN ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING ITEM_EDIT_END ITEM_FOCUS_IN ITEM_FOCUS_OUT ITEM_ROLL_OUT ITEM_ROLL_OVER itemEditor itemEditorInstance itemRenderer items itemToCellRenderer itemToLabel ITween IVPEvent j JAPANESE_HIRAGANA JAPANESE_KATAKANA_FULL JAPANESE_KATAKANA_HALF join JointStyle JUSTIFY k kerning KEY_DOWN KEY_FOCUS_CHANGE KEY_UP Keyboard KEYBOARD KeyboardEvent keyCode Keyframe keyFrameInterval keyframes keyframesCompact keyLocation KeyLocation knockout KOREAN l label Label LABEL_CHANGE LabelButton LabelButtonAccImpl labelField labelFunction labelPlacement labels LANDSCAPE lang language languageCodeArray lastChild lastIndex lastIndexOf LAYER LAYOUT LayoutEvent LCD leading left LEFT leftMargin leftPeak leftToLeft leftToRight length letterSpacing level LIGHT_COLOR LIGHTEN Linear LINEAR LINEAR_RGB lineGradientStyle LineScaleMode lineScrollSize lineStyle lineTo LINK linkageID List ListAccImpl listClasses listData ListData ListEvent LITTLE_ENDIAN liveDelay liveDragging livepreview LivePreviewParent LN10 LN2 load loadBytes loader Loader LoaderContext loaderInfo LoaderInfo loaderURL LOADING loadLanguageXML loadPolicyFile loadString loadStringEx LOCAL_STORAGE LOCAL_TRUSTED LOCAL_WITH_FILE LOCAL_WITH_NETWORK LocalConnection Locale localeCompare localFileReadDisable localName localToGlobal localX localY lock log LOG10E LOG2E loop loopback looping LOW m macType MAINTAIN_ASPECT_RATIO maintainAspectRatio managers MANUAL manufacturer map mapBitmap mapPoint marshallExceptions mask match matchInternalPointWithExternal Math matrix Matrix MatrixTransformer matrixX matrixY max MAX_VALUE maxChars maxHorizontalScrollPosition maximum maxLevel maxScrollH maxScrollPosition maxScrollV maxVerticalScrollPosition media MEDIUM MemoryError MENU_ITEM_SELECT MENU_SELECT merge mergeStyles message metadata METADATA_RECEIVED MetadataEvent metadataLoaded method Microphone MICROPHONE milliseconds millisecondsUTC min MIN_VALUE minColumnWidth minimum minScrollPosition minutes minutesUTC minWidth MISSING_SKIN_STYLE MITER MMExecute mode modificationDate month monthUTC MorphShape motion Motion MOTION_CHANGE MOTION_END MOTION_FINISH MOTION_LOOP MOTION_RESUME MOTION_START MOTION_STOP MOTION_UPDATE MotionEvent motionLevel motionTimeout Mouse MOUSE MOUSE_DOWN MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE MOUSE_LEAVE MOUSE_MOVE MOUSE_OUT MOUSE_OVER MOUSE_UP MOUSE_WHEEL mouseChildren mouseEnabled MouseEvent mouseFocusEnabled mouseTarget mouseWheelEnabled mouseX mouseY move MOVE moveTo MovieClip multiline MULTIPLY muteButton muted myInstance n name names namespace Namespace namespaceDeclarations namespaceURI NaN navigateToURL NAVIGATION ncConnected NCManager NCManagerNative ncMgr ncReconnected NEGATIVE_INFINITY net NET_STATUS netConnection NetConnection NetStatusEvent netStream NetStream NETSTREAM_CLIENT_CLASS_UNSET netStreamClientClass NEVER NEW_COLUMN NEW_ROW nextFrame nextName nextNameIndex nextScene nextSibling nextTabIndex nextValue NO_BITRATE_MATCH NO_BORDER NO_CONNECTION NO_SCALE noAutoLabeling nodeKind nodeName nodeType nodeValue noise None NONE NORMAL normalize null NULL_URL_LOAD NUM_PAD Number numChildren NUMERIC NumericStepper numFrames numLines numLock NUMPAD_0 NUMPAD_1 NUMPAD_2 NUMPAD_3 NUMPAD_4 NUMPAD_5 NUMPAD_6 NUMPAD_7 NUMPAD_8 NUMPAD_9 NUMPAD_ADD NUMPAD_DECIMAL NUMPAD_DIVIDE NUMPAD_ENTER NUMPAD_MULTIPLY NUMPAD_SUBTRACT numRadioButtons o obj Object objectEncoding ObjectEncoding objectID OFF offset offsetPoint oldBounds oldRegistrationBounds ON onResize onUpdate opaqueBackground open OPEN orientation orientToPath os OTHER OUT OUTER outsideCutoff OVERLAY overState owner p PAD PAGE_DOWN PAGE_UP pageHeight pageScrollSize pageSize pageWidth paletteMap pan paperHeight paperWidth parameters parent parentAllowsChild parentDomain parentNode parse parseCSS parseFloat parseInt parseXML pause pauseButton paused PAUSED PAUSED_STATE_ENTERED PENDING percentComplete percentLoaded perlinNoise Photo PI PIXEL pixelAspectRatio pixelBounds pixelDissolve PixelDissolve pixelSnapping PixelSnapping play playButton playerType PLAYHEAD_UPDATE playheadPercentage playheadTime playheadUpdateInterval playing PLAYING PLAYING_STATE_ENTERED playPauseButton playWhenEnoughDownloaded Point points polar POLLED pop PORTRAIT position positionMatrix POSITIVE_INFINITY POST pow PRE_DATA_CHANGE preferredHeight preferredWidth prefix prependChild preserveAlpha prettyIndent prettyPrinting preventDefault prevFrame preview previousSibling previousValue prevScene print printAsBitmap printing PrintJob PrintJobOptions PrintJobOrientation PRIVACY processingInstructions profiler PROGRESS ProgressBar progressBarClasses ProgressBarDirection ProgressBarMode ProgressEvent progressInterval prompt prop propertyIsEnumerable prototype Proxy proxyType publish push q QName Quadratic quality Quartic Quintic r RADIAL RadioButton RadioButtonAccImpl RadioButtonGroup random RangeError rate ratios readBoolean readByte readBytes readDouble readExternal readFloat readInt readMultiByte readObject readShort readUnsignedByte readUnsignedInt readUnsignedShort readUTF readUTFBytes READY reason receiveAudio receiveVideo reconnect rect Rectangle RED redMultiplier redOffset ReferenceError REFLECT refreshPane RegExp registerClassAlias registerFont registerInstance registrationHeight registrationWidth registrationX registrationY Regular REGULAR relatedObject REMOTE REMOVE REMOVE_ALL removeAll removeAllColumns removeASCuePoint removeChild removeChildAt removeColumnAt REMOVED REMOVED_FROM_STAGE removeEventListener removeItem removeItemAt removeNamespace removeNode removeRadioButton RENDER RENDERER_STYLES REPEAT repeatCount replace REPLACE replaceItem replaceItemAt replaceSelectedText replaceText requestHeaders reset resizable resizableColumns RESIZE RESIZING Responder restrict resume RETURNINDEXEDARRAY reverse rewind REWIND REWINDING RGB right RIGHT rightMargin rightPeak rightToLeft rightToRight ROLL_OUT ROLL_OVER root rotate Rotate rotateAroundExternalPoint rotateAroundInternalPoint rotateDirection RotateDirection rotateTimes rotation ROTATION round ROUND row rowCount rowHeight rowIndex running s sameDomain sandboxType save scale SCALE_X SCALE_Y scale9Grid scaleContent scaleMode scaleX scaleY Scene scenes SCREEN screenColor screenDPI screenResolutionX screenResolutionY ScriptTimeoutError scroll SCROLL ScrollBar ScrollBarDirection scrollDrag ScrollEvent scrollH ScrollPane scrollPolicy ScrollPolicy scrollPosition scrollRect scrollTarget scrollToIndex scrollToSelected scrollV SCRUB_FINISH SCRUB_START scrubbing search seconds secondsUTC Security SECURITY_ERROR securityDomain SecurityDomain SecurityError SecurityErrorEvent SecurityPanel seek seekBar seekBarInterval seekBarScrubTolerance SEEKED SEEKING seekPercent seekSeconds seekToNavCuePoint seekToNextNavCuePoint seekToPrevNavCuePoint seekToPrevOffset SELECT selectable SelectableList SelectableListAccImpl selected SELECTED selectedColor selectedData selectedIndex selectedIndices selectedItem selectedItems selectedLabel selection selectionBeginIndex selectionEndIndex send sendToURL separatorBefore serverString setAdvancedAntiAliasingTable setChildIndex setChildren setClipboard setComponentStyle setCompositionString setDate setDefaultLang setDirty setEmpty setFLVCuePointEnabled setFocus setFullYear setHours setInterval setKeyFrameInterval setLoadCallback setLocalName setLoopback setLoopBack setMilliseconds setMinutes setMode setMonth setMotionLevel setMouseState setName setNamespace setPixel setPixel32 setPixels setProgress setProperty setPropertyIsEnumerable setQuality setRendererStyle setRotation setRotationRadians setScale setScaleX setScaleY setScrollProperties setSeconds setSelectColor setSelected setSelection setSettings setSilenceLevel setSize setSkewX setSkewXRadians setSkewY setSkewYRadians setString setStyle setTextFormat setTime setTimeout settings SETTINGS_MANAGER setTint setUseEchoSuppression setUTCDate setUTCFullYear setUTCHours setUTCMilliseconds setUTCMinutes setUTCMonth setUTCSeconds setValue shadowAlpha shadowColor Shape sharedEvents SharedObject SharedObjectFlushStatus sharpness shift SHIFT shiftKey SHORT_VERSION shortcut show SHOW SHOW_ALL showCaptions showDefaultContextMenu showFocus showFocusIndicator showHeaders showRedrawRegions showSettings showTextField silenceLevel silenceTimeout silent SimpleButton SimpleCollectionItem SimpleEase simpleFormatting sin Sine size SIZE SKEW_X SKEW_Y skewX skewY skin SKIN_ERROR SKIN_LOADED skinAutoHide skinBackgroundAlpha skinBackgroundColor SkinErrorEvent skinFadeTime skinScaleMaximum slice Slider SliderDirection SliderEvent SliderEventClickTarget smoothing snapInterval Socket SOCKET_DATA some songName sort SORT sortable sortableColumns sortCompareFunction sortDescending sortIndex sortItems sortItemsOn sortOn sortOptions Sound SOUND_COMPLETE SOUND_UPDATE SoundChannel SoundEvent SoundLoaderContext SoundMixer soundTransform SoundTransform source Source sourceField sourceFunction SPACE spaceColumnsEqually splice split SpreadMethod Sprite sqrt SQRT1_2 SQRT2 SQUARE Squeeze StackOverflowError stage Stage StageAlign StageDisplayState stageFocusRect stageHeight StageQuality StageScaleMode stageWidth stageX stageY STANDARD start startDrag startIndex startTransition state STATE STATE_CHANGE stateResponsive StaticText status STATUS StatusEvent stepSize stop stopAll stopButton stopDrag stopImmediatePropagation stopped STOPPED STOPPED_STATE_ENTERED stopPropagation streamHeight streamLength streamName streamWidth strength String stringIDArray Strong StyleManager styleNames STYLES styleSheet StyleSheet SUBPIXEL substr substring subtract SUBTRACT super swapChildren swapChildrenAt swfVersion SWFVersion symbolName SYNC SyncEvent SyntaxError system System t TAB TAB_CHILDREN_CHANGE TAB_ENABLED_CHANGE TAB_INDEX_CHANGE tabChildren tabEnabled tabIndex tabStops tan target test text TEXT TEXT_INPUT TEXT_NODE TextArea textColor TextColorType TextDisplayMode TextEvent textField TextField TextFieldAutoSize TextFieldType TextFormat TextFormatAlign textHeight TextInput TextLineMetrics TextRenderer textSnapshot TextSnapshot textWidth thickness this threshold THUMB THUMB_DRAG THUMB_PRESS THUMB_RELEASE tickInterval TileList TileListAccImpl TileListCollectionItem TileListData time TIME_CHANGE timeout Timer TIMER TIMER_COMPLETE TimerEvent timezoneOffset tintColor tintMultiplier toArray toDateString toExponential toFixed toggle togglePause toLocaleDateString toLocaleLowerCase toLocaleString toLocaleTimeString toLocaleUpperCase toLowerCase top TOP TOP_LEFT TOP_RIGHT topLeft toPrecision toString totalFrames totalMemory totalTime toTimeString toUpperCase toUTCString toXMLString trace track TRACK trackAsMenu transform Transform transformationPoint transformPoint Transition TransitionManager transitions translate transparent triggerEvent Tween Tweenables TweenEvent tweens tweenScale tweenSnap tweenSync tx ty type TypeError u ui UIComponent UIComponentAccImpl UILoader uint UIScrollBar uncompress undefined underline unescape unescapeMultiByte uninstallActions union UNIQUESORT UNKNOWN unload UNLOAD unlock unshift UNSUPPORTED_PROPERTY UP update updateAfterEvent updateProperties upload UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA upState uri URIError url URLLoader URLLoaderDataFormat URLRequest URLRequestHeader URLRequestMethod URLStream URLVariables useBitmapScrolling useCodePage useEchoSuppression useHandCursor useRichTextClipboard useSeconds usingTLS UTC utils v validateNow value valueOf VARIABLES VerifyError version VERSION VERTICAL verticalLineScrollSize verticalPageScrollSize verticalScrollBar verticalScrollPolicy verticalScrollPosition video Video VideoAlign VideoError VideoEvent videoHeight videoPlayer VideoPlayer videoPlayerIndex VideoProgressEvent VideoScaleMode VideoState videoWidth visible visibleVideoPlayerIndex volume volumeBar volumeBarInterval volumeBarScrubTolerance vp w width willTrigger Wipe wordWrap WRAP writeBoolean writeByte writeBytes writeDouble writeDynamicProperties writeDynamicProperty writeExternal writeFloat writeInt writeMultiByte writeObject writeShort writeUnsignedInt writeUTF writeUTFBytes x X xml XML xmlDecl XMLDocument XMLList XMLNode XMLNodeType XMLSocket XMLUI y Y year yoyo z zoom Zoom FALSE TRUE

Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:48 pm
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Woah, what about adding a some linebreaks?

Long lines is a known weakness of the Scintilla editor component.

PS: I think a few users would be interested in your custom syntax files.

Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:12 pm
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I actually got that from another post here about syntax highlighting :)

Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:43 am
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