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Flash Jobs - post offers here 
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Hi all

I am the managing director of a company based in the UK. We are seeking people for a few positions.

Firstly we are seeking a AS3 designer who works quickly yet keeping a high standard of quality to join our exisiting team. This would be a remote part-time position which is also flexible, the position would be for 3 months and could go on further.

- Strong AS3 knowledge
- Experience in using animation libraries- such as Tweenlite
- Understanding of MVC, preferable in conjunction with PureMVC
- Experience in using Subversion version control system
- Team working experience is a big plus
- Need to be able to communicate in English, via skype text chat on daily basis

We are also seeking remote based interns to take part in our project which is due to be launched in August 2009. The project is groundbreaking and hopefully will be a household name. We are seeking developers and designers to join our existing team.

If you would like to be part of this project please contact me on dom @

Please note the intern position is a non-paying position.



Mon May 25, 2009 7:03 pm

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My name is Marshall Malic from the New Orleans Metro Area.

I would like to customize The CHUMBY8 "web viewer" (

for my own use at the hotel where I work. I am just an employee at a HILTON
hotel property trying to make something happen that only new technology can provide. The Chumby8 is the latest version that went on sale April 2011.

Is there anybody that I can hire(pay w/real money) to HACK the Chumby8 then Create a Program to do things that I need it to do??? If you are interested please reply by Email listed below.
Thank you. Sincerely, Marshall M.

Sun May 01, 2011 2:43 am

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I work for Firaxis, a Baltimore, MD based game company known for its many quality titles including "Sid Meier's Civilization". We're looking for a UI artist with Flash skills (Actionscript 2/3 is not required but is highly desired.)

Full list of requirements and responsibilities are in the "User Interface Artist" section at:

Contact is on the page as well.


Sun May 01, 2011 6:40 pm
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I am working as a freelancer and would like to know if any of you would like to hire freelancer.

Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:36 pm

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New job opening at Firaxis.

I know we're particularly looking for someone with great C++ and AS3 skills.
It's not an entry level job, but if you have a shipped title and want to come to the awesome city of Baltimore, MD... follow the info at:


Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:01 pm
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Do you want to become a part the Game Industry ??
Or you aim to take an exciting new step in your personal career in this industry.
We are urgently searching for good personal, which is usable for the EU (and may International) Game Industry. Somebody who may is able to work in another country and is able to work in English language.

We work together with successful companies located in the EU (especially Germany) and all around the World.
It doesn't matter from where you are, you just have to have usefull abilities to work on developing of Games.

If you think, you conform to this and to the following job offers send us your meaningful application documents and other material which is usefull to proof your skills (degrees, references, projects you worked on, certificates of employment on any software business, etc)

We will assume the organization of all the things, like visas, air tickets and a maybe also a home next to your new work place, if needed.

Among others just we are searching imploringly for somebody who fulfil one of following qualifications:

Flash Game Developer

  • Very good skills in in Flash with current ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0
  • A high affinity to games

  • Familiar with PHP, HTML5, Java, Javascript or C++
  • Experiences working in the Games Industry
  • Experiences in professional work on flash products

Mobile Game Developer

  • Skills in Java or iOS or another mobile phone related programming language
  • Skills in programming Mobile Phone Games, like expiriences in Android or Iphone programming.
  • A high affinity to games

  • Experiences working in the Games Industry
  • Well experiences in professional work on Mobile Games or Apps

Development Manager

  • Management experience in both Agile and distributed development environments.
  • Recent experience as a front linedevelopment manager for a team working on web applications.
  • Experience with working in distributed environment with manager and peers in US/EU
  • Picks up new, complicated, and abstract concepts quickly.
  • Self-motivated, overcomes obstacles independently, strong work ethic.
  • Driven by quality not quantity
  • Strives for excellence and has passion for great products
  • Thrives in collaboration and welcomes input and feedback
  • Experience turning good engineers into great engineers with a passion for helping others to succeed.
  • Ability to run QA and engineering so that product output is efficient and of high quality.
  • Develops meaningful objectives for the team and tracks them through key performance metrics.
  • Success at building and retaining high talent, high morale, highly motivated delivery teams.
  • Excellent communicator; leads through consensus and relationship building.
  • B.S in Computer Science or equivalent degree.
  • Working knowledge of networks, online applications, server technology building web based applications.

Desirable skilled in:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • Java
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • distributed systems
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Flash
  • Flex
  • Air
  • Perl
  • Action Scripting
  • C++

Furthermore would be great:
- Experience with a PHP MVC framework -
- Experience developing web applications for use on mobile devices -
- Experience evaluating and engaging -

Game Programmer/ Consumer Software Engineer/ (also junior and senior)

Skilled and expierenced in:
- Programming in C / C++ (and/or Java) -

  • First experiences working on software in any kind (maybe also private projects, or open source)
  • Big affinity to computer or video games and highly motivated to work on game projects

Very Benefiting Bonus:
  • A Computer science and information systems academic degree (like Bachelor, Master or matchable)

Furthermore desired qualifications:
  • A good and Team player
  • 1 or more years experience working in the game development or other software development
  • Good skills in SQL and Java

Development Director

  • 5+ years of project management experience on at least two shipped titles
  • 3+ years of experience in a development director leadership position
  • Engineering background
  • Created a development plan for a title from concept to ship
  • Has managed engineering teams of 7+ people
  • Familiar with various forms of development methods, including Agile, Scrum, paired programming, etc…

Desired abilities:
  • Special experiences in working on a optional kind of game (like online games, mobile games, RPG games, MMOG, 3D games, strategy games etc.)

Web Game Developer

Skilled and experienced in at least several of following coding language:
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Data mining
  • Distributed systems
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Source control management tools
  • Further requirements:
  • A high affinity to games

Desired abilities:
  • Experience in professional working on web games - Or well experience working on web applications
  • A academic degree in Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Or recognized degree in Web Programming on another college, academy or school.

We have a lot of jobs in different companies on different kinds of Games. You will get more information after you have sent us your application documents.
So give it a try and contact us.

IMPORTANT: Mind send references, examples or other proofs(Screenshots f.e.) of you past work if possible.

Best regards,

Silas Katzenbach
HR Consultant

c/o MBE - Postfach 116
Grünberger Str. 17
10243 Berlin

Telefon: 0049-1782141083

Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:29 am

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We are a little Studio in Bilbao (spain), and we are looking for a Game Developer. We specialize in high quality social games and we have fun while creating them!!

Needed skills:
- Advanced knowledge of AS3 (Pure AS3, Adobe Air, Air Mobile...)

Those will be a good add-on:
- Java
- Objective-C,
- Any other mobile development suite / language

If you think you've got what it takes and want to be part of a growing little studio, please send your resumé to


Martín Fernández Lombana - Creative Website Designer & Developer - contact [_AT_]

Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:00 am
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2and2 are seeking somebody awesome.

The job is up on seek here:


You’re an “all rounder”, someone who loves to make incredible interactive experiences, and isn't married to the technology they use to create them. You’re comfortable working in a tight knit team on shared code, and can show junior developers the way forward.

You love slick creative user interfaces with high production values. As much as you love writing code, you can find your way around photoshop to grab some assets, or fire up Audacity and chop that perfect sound effect.

You want to create games, apps, immersive experiences, and use cutting edge web tech to do so. You never want to make an ad banner ever again, and the thought of making another cheesy microsite where the most complex part is the contact form fills you with dread.

You eat/sleep/dream the web.

You can interview in Sydney, and you have a visa to work in Australia.


2and2 creates beautiful digital experiences that educate, inspire, entertain and change behaviour. Our clients include large corporates from most sectors as well as government agencies, plus we do lots of kids learning and game-based work. We are also the creators of the Change2 environmental and social sustainability education program.

We have a ton of new projects and we’re looking for a developer with the right attitude and skills to join us.

Key skills

Rather than just a checklist of technologies and certifications, we want somebody with a range of front and back end programming skills, with a track record of picking up new technologies and using all the tools in the box to create great user experiences. The following however are particularly desirable:


Even more points for:

Media production skills
Photoshop / Fireworks / Illustrator
Audacity / Sound forge / Audition
Some kind of crazy 3D program


Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:39 am
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Hi there,

First post here, so if I contravene any conventions or rules, apologies, educate me.

I need help with a couple of very simple 2D projects. These are all games that a child would probably quickly get bored with, so not very challenging, or complex.

Example (Probably the simplest)
simple plain background, single colored ball moving randomly around screen. Static target at edge. Objective is to move the ball into the hoop. Once that is done, script displays a message "Well done!" and ends.

I have five further projects which get slightly more complicated. A few more objects, sometimes floating around, sometimes static, and there may be one or two obstacles to negotiate to get to the target.

It should be possible to modify parameters like the speed of the floating objects from stationary to moving easily. If not difficult, it would be great to be able to substitute different backgrounds and text.

I do have a small budget but I can't afford superstar black belt gurus. Payment via escrow.

Interested? Reply here or send me a PM and we can discuss in more detail.

Thu May 23, 2013 1:38 am

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***This is a full-time position in our Tampa, FL studio. Please contact us only if you are willing and able to live and work in Tampa, FL. We will help with relocation for the right candidate.***

Interactive Flash Developer -- eLearning

Do you dream of electric vector sheep?

Interactive Flash Developers are special people. . .truly special. We're not talking about "animators" here (though that's nice too) -- no, we're looking for those souls who swim the interactive seas. They know the ways objects and states and classes can interact: mathematical spirals of logic, friction coefficients, variables of volition, the user acting, the experience re-acting.

Serious Games, simulations, a whole other world, a learning ecology. . .there tucked inside the screen just in front of us.

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. . .

. . .because they'll try to do everything on their own, never ask for help and end up with a royal mess that nobody else can fix.

The balance we're looking for is hard to find: someone with enough confidence and experience that they can lead the development of an entire project, yet still seek advice and get help when they need it.

We work closely together. We like developers who like people and like working with people. And we especially like developers who like learning from others and contributing their own wisdom.

At Allen Interactions

We create custom, interactive eLearning experiences for our clients. Think video games that help people do their job better. In fact, we study video games, it's one of the best places to find great interactive, instructional design.

Developers in our company lead the technical development of eLearning. The code, the standards, the way the data flows and the logic happens.

Developers create the initial prototypes for the project in our Savvy Start sessions, and they refine those prototypes until the final design is approved. During the rapid prototyping process, the Developer is collaborating closely with the rest of the project team: the Producer, Media Artist and Instructional Designer.

After prototyping is finished the Developer builds the ironclad model that serves as the engine for the final project. This engine allows the production folks (text, media and programming) to fill in the content and complete the project.

Developers don't have to be experts in user interface, media, or interactivity design, but they do need to be conversant in those areas and be able to ask good questions about them as they relate to the development of the courses in Flash.

We create eLearning for a broad spectrum of people: police officers, financial analysts, marketers, car mechanics, therapists, cell phone salespeople, brand managers, bank tellers, vacation planners, doctors and many more.

But words don't really convey what we do. Take a look at some examples:

. . .and Now Some Bullets

Title -- Interactive Flash Developer

Status - Full-time position in our Studio in Tampa
(please don't contact us about remote or contract work)

Major job responsibilities include:
- Leading the technical development of the eLearning project through all stages of development (prototyping, modelization, Alpha, Beta and Final)
- Creating rapid prototypes on-site with the project team
- Modelizing the final prototype into an efficient and stable "engine" for production
- Thorough and effective debugging as needed

- Passion for the work
- At least 3 years of Flash Lead Developer experience in the creation of interactive experiences
- Advanced ActionScript 3.0 skills
- Experience with XML integration
- A firm grasp of object-oriented programming techniques
- Appreciates the opportunity to learn new languages and skills
- A willingness to experiment with creative solutions. . .
. . .combined with rigor and discipline in the organization and documentation of your code
- Ability to:
o set development timelines and meet them
o be conceptually creative with the project team
o travel to out-of-town client sites when needed (travel is not a large part of the job, but for project kick-offs it is often necessary to travel to the client)

Ideally Have:
- Experience developing highly interactive eLearning or video games
- Some experience with mobile development: haXe, Corona, Coco2D, Unity, etc.
- Experience with jQuery
- HTML5 experience and skills
- Media and design skills

Bonus Points For:
- Sense of Humor (can be odd, dry or even British) (+5)
- Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or something interesting (+3)
- An eye for aesthetics (+4)
- LMS / LCMS experience (+6)
- Business Consulting experience (+4)

Jason Zeaman
Allen Interactions
jzeaman at alleni dot com

A Brief Primer on Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions was founded by Michael Allen in 1993, shortly after he left Macromedia. Michael founded a company called Authorware back in the 80's and that company merged with Macromind/Paracomp to make Macromedia. In other words, our founder and CEO is the co-founder of Macromedia and the creator of Authorware.

We have about 75 people total. We divide the consultants into Studios, which are groups of folks (Producers, Instructional Designers, Developers, Media Artists, etc.) who work together on projects. Each studio is led by a Studio Executive.

We currently have 5 studios: 2 in Tampa, 2 in Minneapolis and 1 in San Francisco. Minneapolis is where our headquarters are, but 80-90% of our business is outside of the Midwest, that's why we opened the Tampa and San Francisco studios.

Good Stuff
We tend to win awards. We're known as one of the high-quality eLearning companies. We think page-turners are almost always a negative ROI. We believe people learn by doing and very, very little by reading, being lectured at, or watching a video of someone reading or lecturing.

We recognize that we are in a world that pretends sitting in a classroom or being lectured at actually imparts learning, so we're pragmatic radicals. We can change the world. . .slowly. So we're building good things, the best that we can, within the parameters we have to work with.

We relish a good, gritty Instructional Design debate. When we're prototyping everyone has a voice and we take everyone's ideas seriously, it's the merit of the ideas that count.

Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:13 pm

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Hey! I'm Lottie, hailing from the London-based games studio BeefJack. We're looking for some great Flash developers to join us for ongoing remote work. Is anyone interested? Please let me know if so!

Thu May 07, 2015 2:39 pm
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