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AHK Script to start FlashDevelop on my second monitor 
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My secondary monitor (on the wall) is above my first one (laptop on the desk), and that's where I run my FlashDevelop.
In the Windows display setup, it's convenient for me to position the secondary monitor above and to the left of the primary one as well (so the mouse going up-left at the top-left corner of the laptop monitor goes into the wall-mounted screen).
FlashDevelop doesn't want to remember which monitor I've used it on, or maybe it just has a problem remembering negative coordinates, since the top-left corner of my secondary screen with these settings is at coordinates -1920, -1080. My current workaround is this AutoHotKey script, I use it to run FlashDevelop, and also hide/activate FlashDevelop (using Win+F hotkey):
EnvGet, ProgramFiles32, ProgramFiles(x86)
EnvGet, ProgramFiles64, ProgramFiles
if (!ProgramFiles32)
   ProgramFiles32 := ProgramFiles64

; ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
; Run/show/hide FlashDevelop
   State := RunOrShowHideApp(ProgramFiles32 . "\FlashDevelop\FlashDevelop.exe")
   if (State == 3) {
      WinWait, ahk_exe FlashDevelop.exe
      if WinExist("ahk_exe FlashDevelop.exe") {
         WinMove -1920, -1080

; ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
;   Returns 1 if a window is visible, 0 otherwise
IsWindowVisible(WindowTitle) {
   WinGet, Style, Style, % WindowTitle
   Transform, IsVisible, BitAnd, %Style%, 0x10000000
   return IsVisible

; ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
;   If an app is running, toggle it's window's minimized/active state, otherwise run the app
; Returns:
;      0 on no action
;      1 on show window
;      2 on hide window
;      3 on run app
RunOrShowHideApp(Program, DetectHidden = "off", WindowTitle = "") {
   Result := 0
   SplitPath Program, ExeFile
   Process, Exist, %ExeFile%
   PID := ErrorLevel
   if (PID == 0) {
      Run, %Program%, %WorkingDir%, %WindowSize%
      Result := 3
   else {
      DetectHiddenWindows, %DetectHidden%
      if (WindowTitle == "")
         WindowTitle := "ahk_pid " . PID
      if WinActive(WindowTitle) {
         Result := 2
      else if WinExist(WindowTitle) {
         if (!IsWindowVisible(WindowTitle))
         Result := 1
   DetectHiddenWindows, Off
   return Result

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Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:38 pm

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Thanks for sharing. There are cases where negative values are truly incorrect and we forcefully restore them so the FD doesn't open in incorrect negative positions.

Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:56 pm
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Joined: Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:26 am
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Mika, this was my theory on why it's like that. It would be nice if FD could be smarter about auto-remembering position/display in this case, or at least if there was an option to explicitly disable the current sanity checks (to force the negative coordinates).

Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:03 pm
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