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Improving AS3 AIR Mobile template 
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Hi here I want to share several changes that I did to the AS3 AIR Mobile template to make it more automatic, since changing the batch file between laptops and configuration is a bit tedious for me, and since I woke up early this morning and had nothing to do :lol:

Removing the air. Prefix
Since I only target captive runtime, and from what I gather, the prefix is used to detect if the user need to install AIR shared runtime or not. I see no reason/use of automatically adding "air." in front of my package name. And somehow it feels like being lied to by your tool :p.

Edit SetupApplication.bat and add this line under :user_configuration
:: Android packaging

Please pay attention to the value, it's must be "true" and not "TRUE", I think Adobe's tool only accept "true" as valid and reject everything else, idk.

Moving on, since our package name/app id is now no longer "air." + your_actual_app_id, we have to edit one more file. Edit Run.bat and add/modify these lines under :android-package just before "exit"
   adb shell am start -n %APP_ID%/.AppEntry
) ELSE (
   adb shell am start -n air.%APP_ID%/.AppEntry

Automatic DEBUG_IP
Since I use multiple machine (at home, at work) and there is also possibility of other people working on the same project, plus I like my version control clean. I just set the DEBUG_IP to my current IP. This only tested on a machine with one IP address, I haven't tested it with machine with complex IP scheme (like using VirtualBox, multiple network interface, etc).

Edit SetupApplication.bat and add this line under :user_configuration and change

for /f "tokens=2 delims=:" %%A in ('ipconfig ^| findstr /L /C:"IPv4 Address"') do set DEBUG_IP=%%A

Set APP_ID to read from Application.xml instead of manually doing it by hand
Yes, I hate doing it manually.

Edit SetupApplication.bat and add this line under :user_configuration and change

for /f "tokens=3 delims=<>" %%a in ('findstr /C:"<id>" application.xml') do set APP_ID=%%a
set APP_ID=%APP_ID: =%

This should read the application.xml <id></id>, pull "" and assign it to APP_ID.

Hope this help, I know there are few constraints in using this, like

  • The IP Address only works on Windows 7, on XP I think you should change "IPv4 Address" to "IP Address"
  • The AIR_NOANDROIDFLAIR is, AFAIK, not official, I found it on SO, and they said Adobe's engineer confirm that it existed. I tested it and it works, so there.
  • Obviously this only works if your project structure is "as-is".
  • etc

So please be careful if you want to use it :)

Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:14 am
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