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Run process on keyboard shortcut 
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I've used to compile and debug AS3 through Flash CS. For many reasons I've finally decided to get rid of it.
I've set up more less whole workflow pipeline to compile and debug the project by simply executing single .bat file.
I've used to just ctrl+s, ctrl+enter add see result of my edit. I would like to keep this comfort, hence my question.

I would like to just ctrl+enter or any custom bind to run my bat file. Also I't would be nice if I could easily switch the file to be executed change line arguments.
I would be more than pleased if I FD could start it for me so I could start FD as administrator and don't need to hit that annoying button each time I want to rebuild.

More background
Don't need to read if you hurry, but could give better understanding what and why I would like to do this.

I don't have typical FD setup. I don't make actual FD project for each of my project but have as single one. I've used to make them but if you want to just make one-filer experimental project you would either need to spend more time on setting things up then actual project work or place the files in some other project and make a mess. Either of those this become a mess after a while if you have lot of projects and decide you should integrate one into another but you've realized that all the settings and paths are completely incompatible. And after a while you realize that you have 3 slightly different versions of the same code in 3 different project and don't even ask what happens when you want to join them together in on big project... Another example - you work on project A and than you realize that you did something similar in project B so you need to switch to project B just to browse a certain file and need to switch back again...

Anyway, now I try to keep things simple and organized. I have single FD project for all of my projects with just a single library root path. I can flawlessly navigate through all my code and have snippets/completion/documentation on anything, anywhere. I've completely separated code form binaries and resources. I have all .fla in single folder for each smaller project. When I want to to recompile different project I just select appropriate .fla tab in Flash CS and hit ctrl+enter.

Everything works great since I've done all this but there are many things that annoy me with using CS mostly for example.
-Not sure what compiler my flash uses but recently compiling a project took like 30s or even more (didn't count it), using mxmlc alone I have the same project compiled in 5s. Usually I don't care so much about it, since I'm not recompiling like a lunatic, but when it comes to debugging you want to see changes frequently and as fast as possible.
-In debug mode flash automatically opens the error .as file. No only that you don't need/want to see it but when I edit file in FD and then switch to flash it pops up this annoying "file changed" window and not only that I need to close it and close that file but if I involuntarily click .fla tab it's undocking and sticks to mouse cursor...
-again I don't know If I've updated flash players correctly but some newer API futures work only in debug mode and since I can't enter debug mode from FD I need to actually focus flash and than ctrl+shift+enter. This adds up to fact of slow compilation - nice to now after 30s of waiting that you've hit ctrl+enter instead of ctrl+shift+enter and you need to recompile again...
-And of course you can't use all nice futures of AIR SDK.

So I basically use FD as editor/project explorer and don't want to set things up classic way to perhaps configure a build for each project. I simply need to bind some key to start some process. I've tried to figure out FD setting but it's really confusing, most of thing I try to change seems to take no effect. I could't even find ctrl+enter bind in Tool>Keyboard Shortcuts and to be honest I don't even remember how I actually set up FD so it will start building by CS. It was ages ago.
Is there an easy way to do this? I remember I've written some test plugin in C# with some custom UI some time ago and it was not that hard but I would probably need at least another day on this and knowing myself it will become another 3 :P

Tank you for any advise. :)

Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:52 pm
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